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Don’t Lose your Hair

Certain foods will help keep your scalp healthy, happy and full of hair. If you are losing your hair try certain foods that your scalp needs:

Organic Cocoa Mask

What is cocoa? the word “cocoa” is derivative of “cacao”. Cocoa powder , the dry powder is made by grinding cocoa seeds and removing the cocoa butter from the dark. The cacao tree is native to the Americans.

Green Pharmacy for Sunburn

As burns go, most sunburns are comparatively mild. But sunburns cover a lot more of the body than most other everyday burns. Add in addition to increasing cancer risk, they can be quite painful. Fortunately , natures has provided us with several good remedies.

Herbal Anti Cellulite Detox Bath Tea

Cellulite results from accumulated toxin and water trapped in subsurface skin tissues. The result: that lumpy, spongy texture. The herbs in this blend act as circulatory stimulants and diuretics.