Organic Stuffed Green Peppers

green peppers.


Organic green peppers are stuffed with a mixture of onion, carrots, rice, organic ground beef, dill and tomato paste then baked in the oven.

Easy and excellent organic recipe.

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Chicken Wings for Super Bowl

Chicken wings

Amazing!! Really flavorful chicken wings! Big hit a super bowl party. Will make again for sure. Sauce would be good on grilled chicken as well. Read more »

“Fall in Love” Tiramisu

fall in love tiramisu.


Delicious tiramisu to fall in love with.

This special tiramisu is the best gift you can give your loved one for Valentine’s Day, a homemade one that shows your thoughtfulness.

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Tagliatelle with Walnuts and Poppy Seeds

pasta poppy.

Tagliatelle for two “

Valentine’s Day is approaching!!! Very easy and delicious recipe.


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