Homemade Organic Vegetable Broth

Make a basic broth with whatever fresh vegetables are available, then refrigerate or freeze until needed.

Homemade organic vegetable broth is easy to make and much flavorful and healthier than anything you can buy. Use the broth for soups, risotto, mashed potatoes, white sauce. Homemade organic vegetable broth has all of the vitamins and flavor of the vegetables you put into it.

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Irish Apple Barley Pudding


Little boys and girls love apple and this irish apple barley  pudding dessert allow them to really enjoy it on Patrick’s Day.

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10 Foods That Make You Happy


Stress can affect your body and health, unless you learn to manage it.  Are you stress out at work? Stop using those pills that make you addicted. Foods can calm you down.

What you eat can have a profound effect on how you feel and can help reduce the risk of stress and promoting  vitality and energy. 

Here are 10 foods that will make your life happy, a lot easier, with minimum stress and keep you healthy:

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Fresh Organic Ginger Tea

Seems like this year the flu season is hitting us bad. Take care of yourself and try this amazing tea that will make you feel like new. It worked for me big time. Get all the ingredients organic if you can and do it yourself home.

Organic Ginger has antiviral and antibacterial proprieties that help eliminate the infection reducing pain and fever. Few glasses of organic ginger tea a day will make you like new.

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