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Organic Buckwheat Pancakes

Organic ingredients: 4 oz milk 4 oz buckwheat flour 1 egg

Australian Carrots Recipe

Australia is the world’s smallest continent. This dish has perfect blend of flavors, easy and yammy!! The carrots are not too sweet and not to buttery. GREAT way to get kids to enjoy this veggie!

Organic Pear Puree

Organic Pear offers a rich source of vitamin C, to enhance immunity, folic acid and iron to protect against anemia.  Organic pear is  a natural laxative and considered the best first foods for infant puree, also contain pectin that helps to improve elimination, carrying toxins from the body. Pears are one of the fruits that […]

Organic Papaya Puree

Organic papaya is a surece of beta-carotene wich is vital for the immune system as well as for protecting eyesight.  Papaya also has papain, wich helps to break down proteins and reducing mucus production and helping to clear runny noses. If the black seeds are pureed with the fruut protect children from theread and pin worms.Organic […]