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Brown Rice Puree

The taste is naturally sweet and offers a more nutrient-rich puree than the ready-made baby rice alternative.  The fiber in brown rice produces the best health benefits of all. 

White Fish and Vegetable Puree

Organic white fish is the best protein source to add to first puree. Do not introduce the fish before the age of four months. You can make this recipe only with the vegetables.

V is for Vegetable

Prepare a vegetable puree with potato, broccoli and spinach for you baby.

Mango Smoothie with Blueberries

Mango Smoothie provide a high iron for women. By adding small blueberry pieces to the finished smoothie can help in anti-aging, cancer prevention, preventing urinary tract infection, vision health, and helping in the prevention or fighting of other diseases as well. This is a good snack for children, too.