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Organic Carrots Salad

  Organic Carrots are packed with good nutrition like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, making this vegetable a healthy snack.

Organic Rice with Carrots

Organic rice with carrots  is a recipe for everyone, but more for kids. The carrots make the rice sweet and yamyyy. They will love that. Also could be a great side dish.

Australian Carrots Recipe

Australia is the world’s smallest continent. This dish has perfect blend of flavors, easy and yammy!! The carrots are not too sweet and not to buttery. GREAT way to get kids to enjoy this veggie!

Organic Carrots for Sensitive Face

I know we are all the time busy and it is hard to prepare and stay with a mask hopping we will look better. But this one  is great. All the time masks with grated carrots are calming,healing and toning.