Organic Dyed Easter Eggs

Dye your Easter eggs the all natural way with homemade dyes from veggies around the house.

Fun for kids of all ages!


2 pounds skin red onions

20 white eggs

1 tablespoon vinegar


Peel onions the night before, put the shells in water and let it soak over night , covered.

The next day boil the eggs, over medium heat, with onions skins and vinegar for 15 20 minutes, then let them into the liquid until reach the desired color.


2 beets

1 tablespoon vinegar

white eggs


Also you can get dark red dye Easter eggs with beets.

Chop beets and simmer 15 minutes in water, over medium heat. Add eggs and cook them 20 minutes, together with a spoon of vinegar. Let them into the liquid until it reaches the color you want.

Easter eggs
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