Herbal Anti Cellulite Detox Bath Tea

herbal anticellulite detox bath tea 2

Cellulite results from accumulated toxin and water trapped in subsurface skin tissues. The result: that lumpy, spongy texture.

The herbs in this blend act as circulatory stimulants and diuretics.

Yield 1 treatment


1 gallon purified water

½ cup juniper berries

½ cup thyme leaves

½ cup rosemary leaves

2 cups fresh ginger root , chopped

1 cup Epsom salt

5 drops juniper essential oil

10 drops geranium essential oil

3 drops grapefruit essential oil

3 drops cedarwood essential oil


In a large pan, bring the water to a boil.Remove from heat and add the herbs. Cover and steep for 3 to 4 hours, then strain, squeezing infusion from herbs. Turn on the bath tap full blast and pour in the Epsom salt and the herbal infusion. Add the essential oils and swish the water with your hands to blend.

Application tips

To aid the herb’s penetration into the skin, dry brush your entire body before bathing. While soaking for 20 30 minutes, drink 2 full glasses of hot, purified water laced with 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. It’s important to sweat during this bath. The water, lemon, and sweating action flush toxins from the body via the kidney and perspiration. Following the bath, dry off with coarse towel, concentrating your efforts on areas with cellulite.

Use 2 times per week.


Avoid bath entirely if you have history of kidney problems.

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