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Homemade Almond Milk

  Almonds are among the healthiest nuts in the world. Organic Almond Milk is a healthy alternative for anyone looking to avoid lactose or the hormones that may be found in cow’s milk, or just looking for a different and tasty addition to their regular meal plan.

Flu – Fighting Foods

    Nutritious foods to try at home to help you feel better as you treat flu symptoms.

Best Proteins for Children

  Proteins are vital for the development of the skeletal structure, as well as for the body’s hormonal system and for the chemical messengers of the brain and nervous system.

10 Foods That Make You Happy

  Stress can affect your body and health, unless you learn to manage it.  Are you stress out at work? Stop using those pills that make you addicted. Foods can calm you down. What you eat can have a profound effect on how you feel and can help reduce the risk of stress and promoting […]