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Cabbage and Bacon with Roast Chicken

    The Irish traditional combination, bacon and cabbage is excellent when combined with chicken. This is a elegant and rustic dish to prepare in advance if you have a St Patrick’s Day dinner with your friends.

Snow White

Today we decided to take it simple and find the perfect solution to your sweets with our Snow White for any occasion. Fancy taste without to much work.

Banana Cupcakes

Do you have ripe bananas? Don’t throw them away. Make banana cupcakes for little ones. You will make someone very happy. Easy and fast recipe with not much sugar and with delicious taste of bananas.

Moroccan Leg of Lamb “Mechoui”

Mechoui is a North African lamb dish which is frequently prepared in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria. Each nation has its own specific take on Mechoui. Today we are cooking the Moroccan Leg of Lamb ,the flavorful tenderness of lamb to create a rich, memorable dish.