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Organic Rice with Carrots

organic rice

Organic rice with carrots  is a recipe for everyone, but more for kids. The carrots make the rice sweet and yamyyy. They will love that. Also could be a great side dish.

V is for Vegetable

organic baby food

Prepare a vegetable puree with potato, broccoli and spinach for you baby.

Dates Pecan “Pie”

pecan pie

Dates Pecan “Pie” is a raw dessert, very easy and healthy. Enjoy!

Mango Smoothie with Blueberries

mango smoothie

Mango Smoothie provide a high iron for women. By adding small blueberry pieces to the finished smoothie can help in anti-aging, cancer prevention, preventing urinary tract infection, vision health, and helping in the prevention or fighting of other diseases as well. This is a good snack for children, too.