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How to Lose Weight and Keep your Body Healthy

  It is extremely dangerous and not recommended to follow the fluid regimes or regimes only fruits, vegetable etc., for long periods of time. Make healthy changes in your daily habits. Our diet plan it is based on organic protein and organic fruits/ vegetables that eat your fat. Proteins are only essential nutrient without which […]

Organic Red Lentil Soup

  I think this is my favorite organic red lentil recipe! It’s fresh & vibrant, hearty & comfy, all at the same time. Lentils contain enough protein to be your main dish as well. Eating organic lentil on a regular basis is associated with significantly lower rates of cancer and heart disease.

Weight Loss Workout Plan

Exercise can be an important tool for managing everything from stress and depression to healing injuries and preventing disease. Having a strong core is essential for power, balance, stability and even lower back health.

Keep a Healthy Weight

  Not only the weight loss is important, but a healthy weight is also very important.